Thursday, April 24, 2008

Washington D.C. - The first part of our vacation...

As my vacation comes to a close I thought it best to break up the two parts of my trip. There is so much to tell, and each part was so different this was the only logical choice.

The day before we left was spent running around ensuring we had everything we needed. This was also spent with me dealing with the departure of yet another manager. This was a personal choice, not a layoff. This also means that when I return from vacation on Monday I will have a new manager. This will be number 5 over the course of one and a half years. Oh well, you never know what change will bring. Now, on to our trip.

We arrived in D.C. to much fanfare. OK, it was Robb and David greeting us with the camera, taking short video and many pictures. What an amazing way to arrive in D.C. Jeffrey met Robb and David 10 years ago in Taipei. We have spent a lot of time with them over the years, and couldn't wait to arrive. We went back to their beautiful townhouse just outside of the capital. After unloading our luggage we sat around for about an hour and talked. We then attempted to go to sleep to adjust to the time change. We woke up the next morning, having slept in a little. We wanted to give them an opportunity to watch Survivor. We didn't want Robb's BLOG readers to have to wait for his Survivor BLOG. OK, that's not really the reason, but it sounds nice... :)

We spent the day walking around the mall. We went to a couple museums and mostly just caught up and talked. We stopped and got some lemonade and sat on the lawn and talked some more. We had a nice dinner at a local restaurant in their area and just hung out. The next day David was our host, as Robb was taking a class at the hospital. Something to with death or dieing (Robb is a Nurse). We went back to the mall, as I was really trying to get into the Capitol. We went to the Library of Congress and stood in awe of the glorious building. We took pictures (where allowed), and were able to review Thomas Jefferson's first draft of the constitution. What an amazing piece of history. I discovered at this point that I had acquired two rather large blisters on the balls of both my feet. UGH! We did start the day in Dupont Circle looking for a couple of Geocache's. We had planned on spending Sunday geocaching, but we didn't think the weather would cooperate (we were correct). After the trip to the mall we headed back to the house for a quick nap and then out to some really fantastic pizza.

On Sunday we split up. David and I went to the Holocaust Museum, and Robb and Jeffrey played in the rain. My Mom is a member to the museum and provided me with two tickets. This was great, as we didn't have to wait in line, nor did we have to wait for a specific time. I know a great deal about the holocaust, but this exhibit really brings it all into perspective. The horrors brought about are things that we have all seen on TV or in the movies, but seeing these things in real life just drives it all home. Hearing the propaganda, and hatred reminds me the power of one man. At one point this woman behind me asked why would he put pink triangles on homosexuals, it just didn't make sense. I almost said something to her, but decided that this was my time to explore and experience. I only hope that as she progressed through the exhibit that she learned the answer to her question. It's a very emotional experience and I recommend visiting the museum should you be in D.C. The final stop in the exhibit is the Hall of Remembrance. This is where I teared up. All the lives lost to such horrors. All the lives impacted by this, those that survived the camps, and those that lost their entire family. It's something we must never forget.

We left the mall after that and headed home. The rain was coming down and we were all wanting to be dry. We spent the evening in eating fondue (AMAZING!!), and after many visits I finally made my "Friend Frame." I am still impressed at my creativity. I always say that Jeff is the creative one, but this frame was awesome (if I do say so myself...). Monday was our last day in D.C. and David had to work. Jeffrey decided that he wanted to explore by himself. I think he just didn't want to move as slow as Robb and I move. Robb and I made one last attempt to get into the Capitol, but to no avail. We thought, "Monday, rain, no one will be there," boy were we wrong. Oh well, it just means we have to go back. At that point I was just wanting to rest and enjoy the time with Robb. We went to lunch by the house and took a nap. Naps are a good thing, especially when you are on vacation. I woke up to Jeffrey, Robb and David laughing. I heard Robb say something about Laura Linney, and then it got quiet. This last comment will tie into my New York BLOG coming tomorrow. We took Robb and David to the Ugly Mug pub for dinner, went back to their house and talked until it was time to pack and go to bed. Robb took us to the train the next morning ready to embark on our short but packed trip to NYC.

We had an incredible time in D.C. If you haven't been, go. It's our nations capitol and there are many wonderful sites. You may not have the pleasure to hang our with two of the most amazing people ever, but it's still worth the trip. The highlight was spending the time with the boys and just hanging out and talking. I am glad that Jeffrey went to Taipei so many years ago. Not because he brought some amazing gifts home, but because he brought Robb and David into our lives.

Stayed tune for NYC - The end of our vacation...

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