Sunday, July 27, 2008

French Toast...

Several years ago Jeffrey met this couple while working in Taipei for Disney. From his email, and after he returned I heard about the show, but what I heard most was Robb and David this, and David and Robb and that... These two people enjoyed the things that Jeffrey enjoyed and not only were they roommates, but they had a great many adventures together. It wasn't until three years later that I met David. You see Robb went on adventure, and the few times I was in New York Robb wasn't around. Then Robb decided it was time to head home. We picked him up from the airport the day he arrived back, and I finally met Robb. He was tired, rundown, and I think all he wanted to was rest. Anyway, that's how I came to know Robb and David. You are probably asking yourself, "What does this have to do with french toast?" Well, It was a couple of years later that Robb taught me the right way to eat french toast. Not that there is a wrong way to eat french toast (well maybe if you put anchovies on it, GROSS!!), but Robb taught me his family's method.

We were all at my house one weekend and David offered to make french toast. Robb said that would be great as long as we had peanut butter. I questioned this, as I had never heard such a thing. You see, Robb eats his french toast with peanut butter and syrup. I thought this was odd, but I like peanut butter, and I like syrup, so I tried it. For those that know me you know that I don't try things easily, but this was something I could wrap my head around. Well, let me just say that I found a new, exceptional way to eat french toast.

Why am I writing about this, you may ask? Well, we had some stale french bread in the house, and I decided to make french toast. After our trip to Washington DC (where I rediscovered the "correct" way to eat french toast) I thought, "I have peanut butter and syrup, so let's make it right."

Anyway, thanks to Robb I know the best way to eat french toast. Hey, you now know too! Thanks Robb!

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Robb said...

Sometimes you know your mission in life, sometimes you don't. I didn't know mine was spreading the culinary secrets of french toast deliciousness, but still, it is nice to know I've made such a positive impact. ::grin::

Next on the menu: Peanut butter and fresh honey sandwiches. :)

PS- David, of course, won't eat peanut butter. I don't know how our relationship has survived.