Sunday, November 25, 2007


In a conversation with a coworker and new friend over that past two weeks I realized that we make choices in our lives and sometimes these choices can be defining life choices.
I came to a realization this morning during my conversation with this incredibly smart woman that I have made some choices over the last couple of years that have really become defining moments. Although, I am not going to bore you with the details (something's I just can't divulge) I will say that they were defining.
As you read (or not) in my last bulletin I have "cleaned house." What this means is that I have made some choices in my life, and as a result I have let go of certain attachments. When I get right down to it, into the depths of my mind I realize that there is a guiding force. Call it what you like in your life, destiny, your will, the spiritual nexus. I choose to call this God, a power greater then guiding me if I am willing to get out of the way.
I was recently in a major quandary about my career and I just didn't know which direction to go, so I did what I always do... I prayed about it, turned it over and then got in the way, because I thought (once again) that I could do this much better. This made me miserable, and I assume I wasn't pleasant to be around (angst isn't always nice). The wonderful thing is that I have Jeffrey and Lauren and some really amazing people in my life who listened to me bitch and moan. I interviewed for a couple positions and realized that what I really wanted to do was right under my nose. I decided the only action to take was to ask. One thing I have learned over the years is the worst thing someone can say when you ask is "No." Once I got out of the way and quieted down my brain I was presented with the best option for me. I jumped at the chance and have been happy in the choice. I could have taken the other job, but then I would be bored and not doing what I love.
The lesson, don't run to the first thing, because you want out of the frying pan. The fire is probably hotter!
That's all I have tonight.

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