Sunday, November 25, 2007

December is here...

I realized today that I haven't blogged since returning from my trip to my parents for Thanksgiving. I left Tuesday, November 21 and actually blogged from my Parents house, because I felt the need to respond to someone, who hasn't responded to me. Maybe he doesn't read my Blog, although I did write him a personal message. Whatever.

As I was saying I arrived on Tuesday and had to wait a couple of hours for my nephews to get up from their naps to see them (they are 4 and 2). While waiting my Mom and I went to Costco and spent some time together. I cherish the time that I have with my Mom and am glad that we are close. In fact, I found this wonderful card for her that I left on her craft table before departing for the airport to return home. I have to assume she hasn't found it yet, since she hasn't said anything to me.

As I was saying... We returned from Costco and my Nephews woke up and I got to finally spend some quality time with them. They are amazing boys and it's a pleasure and a treat to spend time with them. They are great at this age. Anyway the first part of the trip was fun and I even gave my brother an opportunity to mess with me. I had to jump on a conference call while we were at lunch and then on the way home from lunch. I hung up and my brother jumped at the chance to make an Office Space reference. I never did hear the end of it...

So, now we get to Thanksgiving... My mother had 26 people over and I have to say that there were way too many people there. I enjoyed time with my Cousins, whom I haven't seen in a great while, and the other relatives, but still too many people. My Dad and I setup and took everything down. I cooked one of the Turkeys and Stuffing's (my Aunt did the other). All in all it was a nice trip, but I was glad to be home in the warmth of my own bed and with Jeffrey.
We have begun to put up the Christmas lights and will complete some other things to get the house ready for the holidays. We have turned into that couple that does it up for Halloween and now Christmas/Hanukkah. Oh well, it's fun and all in good taste. You will find nothing tacky at my house.

In a comment from my last Blog entry someone asked what it was like coming out at 19. I will tell that story next time. I don't find it all that interesting anymore, but maybe it will help someone who may happen upon this blog.

Be kind to Gods Children!

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