Sunday, November 25, 2007

A lack of Media Priority and Responsibility

I have finally been inspired to write another BLOG entry. I was at the gym this morning getting ready for work and the news was on the Television. I usually half listen to what they are saying, but Good Morning America caught my ear this morning. The leading story, the number one news item… The death of Anna Nicole Smith. With the war in Iraq, the unrest in Afghanistan, the Nuclear situations in North Korea and Iran and the peace process that has started again between Fatah and Hamas in Meca. Not to mention the many other things going on around the world and here at home that I just haven't gotten to yet.
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What does it say about our society that we are so obsessed with the death of a woman who was only a celebrity because she posed nude in Playboy, married a man 63 years her senior and was a Guess Model for a short time. As a result of these things, as well as her short lived reality series and her relationship with Trim Spa she became more of a caricature then a true celebrity.

Maybe, rather then dealing with what's happening around the world it's easier to "glob on" to this type of person. I assume that it's much easier to follow the life and constant dealings of Anna Nicole Smith then it is to focus on what's happening around the world. I think that it's sad that someone had to die so young, but no disrespect she was just a woman who played hard and it caught up with her. It has become a sad state in this country and more importantly in the media that this is the headline, the top story.

I guess through this BLOG I am perpetuating this by spending so much time focusing on her, but I think that we all need to wake up and look at the people we idolize, people we call role models. The bottom line, we are all human. We all make mistakes, but more importantly we all make choices. We live with those choices and the mistakes as a result, or sometimes (hopefully more often then not) the positives.

That is all I am going to say about this topic. Read or watch the news and look at what's happening in our country and around the world. The Celebrity gossip is a fun escape, but how many people know more about Brad, Angelina and Jennifer then Abbas, Al Maliki, Olmert and Bush? Do you know who's running for President next year? Have you begun your research, or are you going to vote down party lines because it's easier?

That's all for today. Be kind to Gods Children and remember to always be grateful!

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