Sunday, November 25, 2007

Decisions we make...

I have decided that I should blog something other then things that other people have sent me. So, it's time to tell you what's been going on in my head (I know scary). Over the past few weeks I have been "Cleaning House."
What does that mean you may ask... Well to me it means that I have been examining my life and moving on without certain people. I believe that everyone is brought into your life for one reason or another, and sometimes they stay and sometimes they don't. I have learned something from everyone that has passed through my life. The people that matter are still around.
You see over the past few weeks there have been people that feel that it is OK to take me for granted. I guess I give off that "I will always be here no matter what" thing that people take advantage of. I am a trusting person at heart, but if you take me for granted I will eventually cut ties, and move on with my life. It doesn't mean that I don't love these people, it just means that we are moving in different directions.
There are a few people who I have met over the past two years that have taught me a great deal about what I want from the people in my life and what I don't want. One of my big pet peeves is flakes. If I send you an email, or I call you a couple of times, at least have the courtesy to respond. If we have plans and you can't make it for one reason or another, be honest with me. I can't stand people that lie to me and are really bad at those lies.
I have found that chronological age doesn't mean that you are mature and have learned life's lessons. It's just that chronological age. One of the things I am really bad at is letting people know when I am done, and don't want to pursue the friendship anymore. I had a couple of friends who I let go this past week. I ran into one of them at a party last night and could see how uncomfortable I made them by being in the same room. I am not mean, and actually take responsibility for most of the way I am treated. I believe that if we allow people to treat us a certain way we shouldn't expect anything other then the way we are treated. I have friends that have been in my life for years and years and yet we don't see each near as often, but I know that if I ever I need their support it would be there and I know they know it would be the same were they to call on me.
I guess that's it at this point. Moving on in life is very important. Those are my lessons for the month. Move on, grow, and enjoy life.
Be kind to Gods children!

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