Sunday, November 25, 2007

Random Rantings

My friend asked me before I left the office today if I was going to Blog tonight. Since there is one person out there who has expressed interest in the rantings of Rick, I have decided to oblige her and post more thoughts and things that have happened.
As you may or may not know I take mass transit to and from work. I have been doing this for more then four years now, and for some reason it doesn't appear like it will ever end. With my new job I feel the need to get a car and contribute to the pollution in Los Angeles. I feel guilty when I run out of the office at my normal time. Granted I arrive at work at 6:30 AM and on most days don't have the option of taking a lunch. Today I got fifteen minutes to go to Target and pick up my allergy pills. I forgot my lunch and am thankful that someone offered to pick something up for me while they were out. Otherwise it would have been left over Halloween candy for lunch (gross).

Yesterday I left the office a little after 4 and it took over an hour and a half and a very crowded bus ride to get home. Today I left on time, and had a very quick (one hour) and empty ride home. It's amazing how ten minutes can make a world of difference.
When my friend Tracy left and moved back to North Carolina I told her that since she was leaving I was not going to let smelly people sit next to me, nor was I going to allow someone drinking something on the bus (other then water) to sit next to me, as I don't want to wear their beverage when the bus makes a hard stop. So far, I have been successful. I carry a bag, and place it on the seat. Most people just stand and don't bother me, but I assume that at some point I am going to have to tell someone "I'm sorry, you can't sit here with your beverage, as I am not interested in wearing it." I doubt it will go over well, but I wouldn't let people sit next to me when Tracy was around, as I was saving her a seat and wouldn't give up that hour for anyone. I miss my conversations with Tracy. We talk through email now, but it isn't the same. It's rare to find someone that is smart and up on the politics of the world. Oh the discussions we would have.... (sigh...) There was the time over the past few weeks that we started to put together stories about the odd people we saw on the bus. I saw the Armenian lady that used to be a stripper and was jilted by her lover. I believe that he left her for another man and she never recovered.

Those are my rantings tonight. I am in the midst of the new Mitch Albom book, which is wonderful so far. I may right about that tomorrow. I should finish it before I go to bed tonight.

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