Sunday, November 25, 2007

Now What...

I have been trying to figure out what I should write next in this Blog. I still don't really know what I want to write about. There are so many different things going on in the world and in my own life.

When I took this new job I was bound and determined to not do what my predecessor did, which was work long hours and take on too much. Well, more then one month into this I am working longer hours and taking on too much. The funny thing is, I LOVE IT!! I feel like I am a part of team whose primary goal is to make things better. We are making major improvements in our processes and I have the opportunity to mentor once again.

I learned a valuable lesson a couple of weeks ago, but I still find that my behavior hasn't changed. Jeffrey pointed out to me that I tend to play a dysfunctional game of "since you treated me like that I will treat you the same way." neener, neener, neener. I found that I have done that to someone else in my life. Rather then expressing the fact that it bothers me and communicating like an adult I dish it back. There are certain people who feel that it's OK not to respond to me at all. I assume because they are either ashamed of something and don't want to cop to it, or just don't think that I am worthy of a response. I find when that happens I play that game right back. What I realized is that is unhealthy, childish behavior. There's nothing wrong with childish behavior in the right situation, but when you have relationships with people it's probably best to treat them the way you expect to be treated.

I guess that's my big lesson this week. I am working hard. I have a new friend at the office whom I would spend the entire day talking to if there wasn't so much work to do. You know how you meet people and it's like "Oh, there you are." That's how I feel. She kind of walked in to the office we were introduced and we just have these amazing conversations. It's great when you can find people to have meaningful, intelligent conversations with. From politics, to god, to the state of the world, this idea in today's society that you have to believe what the other person believes is ridiculous. The idea that a Muslim and a Jew can't have meaningful conversations and be great friends is just preposterous. At the end of the day or at the end of your life we all have to answer to a higher power. Be kind to one another and do what you can to make the world a better place. I try to do that on a daily basis. I am far from perfect, but I make an attempt. Every morning I ask to do gods will and then I try to get out of the way and see what happens.

That's all for tonight (I guess I had something to say, even if it is fragmented). I need to go to bed, as I have to go to Ventura tomorrow to roll out the first phase of a technology pilot.
One more thing... If someone told you that they were a "White Paper" for Halloween, would you get it?

Be kind to Gods Children.

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