Sunday, November 25, 2007

Reading, Writing and Ranting

When last we left I was off to finish the new Mitch Albom book, For One More Day. For those that don't know the author, he also wrote Tuesdays with Morrie and the Five People you Meet in Heaven.

All I can say is WOW. It was another incredible read. It once again put things into perspective. This time about the short time we have with the people we love. The story centered around a would be baseball star who at an early age was told by his Father that he could be a "daddy's boy or a mommy's boy." The reason that resonated with me was that was how I felt growing up. My father not really being around, but the constant reminder that I looked just like him made me feel the need to choose. I learned later in life, as this would be star did that you don't have to choose. Once I hit 19 or 20 I got to be very close to (and still am) my Mom. I have a great relationship with my step father who raised me, and was lucky enough to get to know my Father before he passed. What I realize today is that I am my own man and what defines me and who I am is partly because of these three people and their influnces.

The truth goes back to something I said before, we are who we are based on the choices that we make. This man in a near death experience got to spend one more day with his Mother. It really makes me appreciate what I have. When my Father died in March of 2005 I was sad, and still miss him, but I have no regrets. We had a relationship I never dreamed possible.
So, if you get a chance pick up this book. It's short and shouldn't take too long to read. It's worth every page.

Be kind to God's Children! (Thanks Jack)

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