Sunday, November 25, 2007

Do we ever get a break?

So, I spent the entire weekend working (thank god I can do it from home). I have to say that it was a very frustrating weekend, as things didn't go as planned and the people responsible weren't very responsible. This caused my 5 hour day to turn into almost 12 hours on and off. I also had to work today. I swear I am going to through this pager out the ninth floor window one of these days. I got up this morning and did laundry like I do every Sunday, and came home and crawled back in to bed only for my pager to go off one hour later and wake me out of a dead sleep. Ugh!

Oh well, at least I have a job and one that I enjoy. I am grateful for that, even if I have to deal with some difficult people.

Other then working, I have been spending time at home relaxing this weekend. We are leaving shortly to go say goodbye to our friends who are moving to Florida on Wednesday. It's funny, I have spent time posting to my Blog about change and choices. I have talked about letting people go... The thing is just because people move across the country doesn't mean that I am letting them go. Distance doesn't rule whether or not someone is my friend. I have a friend who frustrates me at times (more often then not) whom I have known for 22 years. In fact I performed her wedding ceremony when she married her husband two years ago. We don't' speak often, but she is someone who is growing and changing and when we talk it's wonderful and like no time has passed. She was back in the states over the summer (she moved to Bristol, England after getting married) and called me. She wanted to get together or at least talk, but I never heard from her after that initial call. Sometimes things just get in the way. Anyway, back to my friends that are moving to Florida. I met Jeanette through a friend about eight years ago, and she was another one of those people who made me say "Oh, there you are." We talked for three hours, and our mutual friend said that if I was straight we would have been married in three months. We have been close ever since and she and her boyfriend and two amazing people who we can sit and talk to for hours. In fact there was one night we sat and talked until two in the morning without even realizing it was that late (or early ). We see each other once every two to three months, so six months won't be that long.

That's all I have time to write today. Tomorrow is another work week, although I don't think that this week is over and is just running into the next, but that's life. Tuesday is our 14 year anniversary. It's funny, Jeffrey gave me a card after six week together and wished me a happy 10 year anniversary. It feels like yesterday we were standing in line to get into a club and have someone ask how long we had been together we looked at each other our watches and responded "5 hours"

Be kind to Gods kids!

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