Sunday, November 25, 2007

Self Realization

I have been trying to find the time to write another blog, especially after my experience this past Sunday. Work was hectic on Monday and then I left town on Tuesday to spend this Thanksgiving holiday with my family. In fact, I have my 4 year old and 2 year old nephews in the other room distracting me (it's a good distraction)...

So, back to what I started to say above...Last week, as I stated previously was my anniversary. Jeffrey and I have been together for fourteen amazing years. We spent Sunday afternoon at the self realization center. This center was started in 1950 by an Indian Guru who saw beyond the interpretations of others people's ideas about religion. He realized long before I did that although there are many religions in the world we all believe in the one basic concept. Whether you call this concept God, Jesus Christ, Allah, Buddha, Vishnu or something else, it's still the belief in a power greater then yourself, "A higher power." At the end of this amazing garden the five major religions are represented. One is not more prominent then the other. One is not more ostentatious then the other. They are all equally represented. It's a simple monument to beliefs that most of us share. Whether you're Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist or Hindu it's your belief and that should be respected.

I wasn't raised in organized religion. We were Jewish by culture and sometimes went to Temple. Mostly we just went through the motions. I went to church with my friends in many denominations. I went to a Buddhist Temple. I enjoyed hearing about other peoples beliefs. I don't know if it made a difference in my beliefs, but I like to think that the lessons I learned help me understand a little better. Coming out at 19 placed some pretty big preconceived religious ideas in my head. Jeffrey taught me that just because someone is sharing their belief with me, doesn't mean they are judging. Of course, this is in a one on one situation. Through some reading I did after purchasing a small book in the gift shop of the Self Realization Center I read that this Guru, who came before me believes as I do. If we are kind to all around us we can succeed. It doesn't mean that people will be kind in return, but we don't have to be affected, as our response to that unkindness is just as important.

I wish the leaders of this world who believe that what they believe is "better" then anyone else would come and learn that it's OK to believe what you want, as long as you are kind and good at heart. The problem is that the leaders of this world hide behind their "Faith," which is really just an excuse to seize power. Someone who believes that God tells them to goto war, or to kill innocent people for their different beliefs isn't hearing the word of God, but is listening to their own ego and desire for Power and Control.

One more thing before I call it a day... This is for my nephew, the 22 year old, you know who you are. Our beliefs are very similar and you would be amazed at how mush you sound like Jeffrey. I love you kid. You are an amazing human being.

Be kind to Gods kids...

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