Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What's stopping me...

When my Father died almost three years ago I decided that I wanted to write a book. While sitting in the airport waiting for my plane to board an idea came to me... I should write a book based on my fathers life. Although there are many missing pieces and much of what my father told me over the last few years was probably not all true, I think it would make for an interesting read. I finally decided that I would write something fiction that was based (very loosely) on his life, and what I know. What I don't I guess I will just make up. That's why it's based on his life, rather then a factual depiction of his life.

The problem is that over the last three years I have spent a great deal of time talking about this, and yet I just can't seem to sit down and write. I think that a part of me is resistant to the process of writing something so personal, and the emotions it will bring up. My very good friend Jeanette is in the final stages of completing a book about her Grandmother. Although she hasn't shared any of it with me, the feedback I have heard from others is great. She told me the last time I saw her to sit down and just start writing. The words will come. I think that what I will do is start writing it here, and see what comes of this new approach.

There, writing about it here has given me the idea to write about it here... (I know, I am a bit weird)... Since I am not feeling 100% tonight, I am going to pack my gym bag and go to bed early. I will start writing sometime this week. Maybe Saturday morning while Jeffrey is still sleeping.

So, look for the first part of the book in my mind (I hope it comes out well, as it sounds great in my head).

Enough of the mundane rantings of someone who is ill and tired...


Mande said...

*hugs* Feel better soon, hon!!

Writing is an interesting process. Your friend has some good advice. I've never attempted anything as big as a book before, but the interest to write has been in my blood for many years, and I've read several books on the how-to. One of these day I may put pen to paper myself.

Good luck with your new endeavor!

Robb said...

Yay, I'm glad you will be writing here! I, too, feel there is a book somewhere in me. I tried writing about my backpacking trip in Asia, but what came out was a whole bunch of essays, not really a unifying book, just cool stories. Also, travel stories are way more fun when you are miserable and lost and tired, and I was mostly happy and irony-free on my trip. Ah well, another idea will come someday. Still, it was a lot of fun getting it all out.

In NY there is a writers workshop, I forget what they are called, but I bet there is something similar in LA. I was in an online class with about 15 people, and every week or so we'd have a writing assignment to go over different aspects of how you write, then we'd share what we'd written and critique everyone else. It was SO helpful (the due dates force you to write), and a whole lot of fun. This was a memoir sort of class, so this is where I did a lot of my travel writing, but no doubt they'd have fiction classes too. Actually, I think it was called Gotham City Writers Workshop. Maybe. But it is online, so you could still take the class from LA, come to think of it one of my classmates was from Indiana or something.

Hope you feel better soon.